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[Hey!] Soph says, one Sunday morning when it is beastly hot - especially for a January - to her sister, her boyfriend, and her, uh, Sherlock. [It is water park weather, how does that sound to you guys? And then, like, Italian food, I am thinking fond pesto thoughts, are you guys with me on fond pesto thoughts?]
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When Tony returns to the Sunshine Janepoint, Soph is there, sitting in a beanbag, midsentence with Jane. "- always seemed to. Hi, Tony!"
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All supernatural excitement aside, it's almost Christmas!

Soph shows up on Tony's doorstep with a bag of gingerbread house ingredients and a big smile. "Hi Jarvis! Where's Tony?" she asks.
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Soph's not immune to large coins anymore. She has now ducked into Milliways briefly, which she could - "never do before" - and left without incident. And Bella says she's torchable. So supposedly she could do almost anything, now.

What she wants to do is this.

She finds Tony - ahahaha, she can teleport now, no spending a pentagon every time wincing when she remembers where they come from - and says:

"Let's go blow my weight in quarters on arcade games and finish that James Bond marathon?"

(She has other friends, who she knows better than Tony, but they don't know about stuff, she wants to keep it that way, and she's going to be in a bit of a mood about stuff for a while; better to put them off until she's got her equilibrium back.)


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